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Seeds Quality

All our range of seeds is supply with a minimum of 90% of purity except otherwise specified in the denomination of the product. At all levels in quality issues we follow the recomendations and standards of the ISTA (International Seed Testing Association). In our catalogue we indicate in front of each product the potential germinative power as well as the number of seeds per kilo so that the client can calculate an average quntity of seeds he may needs. The lots of seeds stored in our cold chambers are tested when entering and then periodically tested. This information is given out on the acompanying labelof the seeds bought. 


Semillas Montaraz collect all the Forestry Reproductive Material according to legislation so the stands and orchards were collections take are of contrasted genetic. 

As for non regulated reproductive material suche as herbs, ornamental, wilds we collect on monospecified areas to avoid hybridation and crossings but we do also collect more and more on our own orchards. These guarentee not only the genetical quality but also the continuous supply.



Semillas Montaraz is truly concerned by the biological diversity of reproductive material issues. In that perspective we select and produce indigenous and endemic species and offer them to a market where they were normally not present.

In F.R.M. we intend to collect on a global scale of the Spanish territory so to offer the largest diversity of origins. On the following maps we show the different areas where we collect or have benn collecting. The