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Process of production


More than 80% of our commercialized seeds is from our own production, obtained in forests, parks, or orchards across our collecting chains. This collecting chain is distributed all over  the national territory and islands, France and Portugal included. The other 20 % is made up from small quantities of ornamental species or forest species from a foreign origin asked by customers. The Montaraz seeds are addressed to forestry and ornamental sectors, well appropriate for the plants production in nursery or direct sowings.

But how is the production process of a good quality seed? In Semillas Montaraz, we created our own working methodology in order to be able to guarantee the final product.

The process begins with a prospection of the collecting area. First the specific purity of plantation is analyzed, to know if the harvest is going to be worth collecting. For such purpose, a small quantity is picked up to estimate the output  from fruit  to seed and to analyze the germination power, given that the plant doesn’t produce the same quantity from a year to another.  After this first quality control, the appropriate licenses are requested and our collecting team is set into motion.

Once the fruits from different species and origin are picked up, and after the legal certification of forestry material, the crop is brought to our production centre, for extraction, cleaning and classification for the later storage. We have in our centre the capacity to process and store 150 tons/year of pinecone and 100 tons/year of acorn, the bigger volume species, as well as another 700 more species and origin that we work.

We extract a sample of every batch we produce to an immediate analysis. It is given to our laboratory where our technicians with more than 20 years of experience, analyse the viability, the germination and the purity according to the ISTA’s international rules. The forest species are contrasted and tried out in yields, in our experimental field, with the aim of knowing the exact number of plants for kilo of seeds.

Eventually, the clean seed is stored in three cool chamber, controlling the different temperature and moisture for every kind of seed.