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Sales conditions for Professional



Sales conditions hereby will rule Sales Contracts entered between SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A. and any client, being also binding for both parties and could be only modified by special conditions agreed by the parties for any particular transaction. More details in .

1. PRICES: Prices stated in this catalogue are ex-works prices and do not include V.A.T. They will be in force from July 2011 to June 2013. SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A. is entitled to modify these prices when market conditions require so.

2. ORDERS AND PAYMENT: Orders shall be made in written, including clearly: company name, registered address and V.A.T. Nr. of the Buyer. Order dispatch will be made after having received full payment of the invoice, unless special payment terms are agreed. Minimum of order 90,00 Euros. Overdue payments will bear an extra 2% per month. SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A. will keep the right to property of all products sold until the full invoice payment has been made. When it is not possible to deliver the full order due to external events: force majeure, crop failure, SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A. will notify it to the client, dispatching the quantity available or canceling the order if the situation requires so.

3. DELIVERY: Goods will be shipped at the Buyer’s risk and expense and on freight collect conditions. SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A. will not be liable for any loss, theft, damage or delay that may arise during transit. SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A. will use the most suitable mean of transportation according to goods features and clients satisfaction, however, the latter may ask to have goods despatched using the mean of transportation it makes available to SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A.

4. GERMINATION: SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A. is registered as seed producer under nr. E/13/28/0316. All our seeds’ germination is guaranteed according to laws in force. SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A. will not be liable for seeds’ misuse and the results after germination. In case of any dispute, an official germination and purity certificate issued according ISTA rules will be supplied.

5. CLAIMS: According to national and international seed trade rules and customs, and provided that an agreement between the parties is not achieved, SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A. liability will not exceed the full amount of seeds delivered in any case. Goods return, if applicable, will be made under pre-paid freight conditions. Claims on goods’ quality and external physical conditions shall be made within 24 hours after goods receipt by fax or by any other written

mean. Claims requiring a seed test shall be made within THREE WORKING DAYS, the claimer being obliged to warehouse goods under conditions that ensure their quality.

6. GUARANTY: SEMILLAS MONTARAZ, S.A. guarantees at its expense the right goods packaging, suitable for transportation. Each package will be duly sealed and labeled; the client’s details and address as well as the contents’ name and composition will be printed on them.

7. LAW AND JURISDICTION: The INTERNATIONAL SEED FEDERATION (ISF) rules and standards for national and international tree and shrub seed trade will apply for the remaining circumstances not ruled by the general sales conditions hereby, unless another particular covenant is agreed. The parties waive to bring any dispute to their jurisdictions, if necessary, and submit only to the Courts of Madrid City.